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Integrated Urban Water Management Master Plan for City of Windhoek in Namibia 01 December 2017 Ongoing

Background: The City of Windhoek (CoW) is faced with steady demographie growth, and growing informai settlements.

Inventory of rural water supply and sanitation infrastructures 01 December 2006 Cancel

December 2006 -The Government of Cameroon received a €470,000 grant to prepare an inventory of rural water supply and sanitation facilities and water resources in the country to support the development of the Rural Water Supply and Sanitation (RWS

Development of the African Network Of Basin Organisations (ANBO) 01 December 2006 Completed

December 2006 -The African Network of Basin Organisations (ANBO) received a €439,000 grant to consolidate and build its institutional capacity and operations, strengthen its interaction with other river basin organisations, with a view to increasi

Piloting rainwater harvesting techniques in Bugesera 01 December 2006 Completed

December 2006 -The Government of Rwanda received a € 450,000 grant to support a project intended to introduce rainwater harvesting techniques for agriculture and livestock use, as well as to supply drinking water for human consumption in rural dis

Development of an integrated water resources management (IWRM) plan for Namibia 01 December 2006 Completed

December 2006 -The Government of Namibia received a €498,000 grant to support the formulation of the national IWRM plan for the sustainable management of water resources.

Greater Freetown: Water Supply and Sanitation Master Plan and Investment Studies 01 October 2017 Ongoing

Background: In 2012 Sierra Leone experienced a rather severe outbreak of cholera, affecting over 5,000 people with 63 deaths in the Western Area from January to August 2012.