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Promoting the integrated and joint management of water resources of the Iullemeden, Taoudeni/Tanezrouft aquifer systems and the Niger River 01 December 2009

December 2009 - the Executive Secretariat of the Sahara-Sahel Observatory (OSS) received a €1.2 million grant to finance the integrated and concerted water resources management of the aquifer systems of Iullemeden, Taoudeni/Tanezrouft and the Nige

Support for the creation of Volta Basin Authority 01 March 2006 Closed

March 2006 - The Volta Basin Technical Committee (VBTC) received a €165,000 grant through an agreement with the Ministry of Agriculture, Hydraulics and Fisheries in Burkina Faso - for the creation of the Volta Basin Authority.

Preparation of improved water control and management systems for Pandamatenga area 01 June 2007 Completed

June 2007 - The Government of Botswana received a €1.2 million grant to support a project aimed at improving water control systems on an area of 27,574 hectares to improve water logged conditions arising from the characteristics of the predominant

Combating desertification and climate change in Burkina Faso 21 July 2016 Ongoing

Burkina Faso is the first country to benefit from a climate change focused grant (to the tune of EURO 838,000) by the African Water Facility (AWF), after AWF’s call for proposals launched in September 2014.

Feasibility and design study of storm water drainage and solid waste management systems in Ouagadougou 01 April 2008 Closed

April 2008 - The Government of Burkina Faso received a €642,000 grant to conduct a feasibility study for the improvement of sanitation services in the peripheral areas of Ouagadougou where live the most underprivileged citizens, as a way to improv