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Chitungwisa Water and Sanitation Project 01 August 2009 Completed

August 2009 - The Municipality of Chitungwiza received a €2 million grant to finance the rehabilitation of the municipal water supply and sanitation systems and build institutional and community capacity for improved water and sanitation services

Study for the development of water supply and sanitation networks in 5 city centres, and strengthening the Water Development Funds - Brazzaville 01 January 2013 Completed

January 2013 –The Government of the Republic of Congo received a €1 million grant to finance feasibility studies of drinking water and sanitation systems in five semi-urban centers, and to finance the development of tools to be used to strengthen

Improvement of waste management in Grand-Nokoué as part of a public-private partnership 01 January 2013 Completed

January 2013- The Municipality of Seme-Podji received a € 1.1 million grant to finance the rehabilitation and improvement of waste management in Grand-Nokoue .

Institutional support to the water and sanitation sector 01 July 2009 Closed

July 2009 – The Government of the Central African Republic received a € 2 million grant to establish an institutional and regulatory framework to strengthen water and sanitation sector governance and institutional capacity to attract additional fu

Development of operation guidelines for investment in multi-purpose small dams 01 August 2012 Completed

August 2012 – The Government of Zambia received a € 950,000 grant to develop, test, and adopt updated guidelines to program, design, finance, build and monitor multi-purpose small dams.

Scaling up integrated rainwater harvesting and management and complimentary livelihood systems in semi-arid districts of Kenya 01 July 2012 Completed

July 2012 - The Kenya Rainwater Association (KRA) received € 690,000 grant to mainstream rainwater harvesting and management (RHM) in response to rural development challenges posed by climate change in drought prone regions of Kenya.