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Development of a national water information system (SINEAU) 01 December 2009 Completed

December 2009 - The Government of Tunisia received a €2 million grant to finance the setting up of a national water information system in Tunisia called SINEAU (Systeme d'Information National sur l'Eau), which is an integral part of the second pha

Kawempe urban poor sanitation improvement (KUPSIP) 01 January 2013 Completed

January 2013 - The Community Integrated Development Initiatives (CIDI) received a € 1million grant to provide sanitation facilities for households, schools and the public or urban poor areas.  This intervention will promote principles of sanitatio

Improving access to water and sanitation for the urban poor in the city of Blantyre 01 December 2009 Ongoing

December 2009 - The Center for Community Development (CCODE) received a €610,000 grant to improve the living conditions of a population of urban poor from the slums surrounding the City of Blantyre, Malawi, by facilitating access to water supply a

Water sector reform and capacity building study 01 January 2009 Cancel

January 2009 - The Government of Liberia received a €1.7 million grant for a study to improve the enabling environment in the water sector through the development and implementation of policy, strategy, institutional reform, and capacity building.

Integrated study and project preparation for COFAMOSA irrigation project 01 November 2007 Closed

November 2007 - The Government of Mozambique received a €1.2 million grant to undertake an irrigation project preparation study to enable the mobilization of funds for the development of 10,000 hectares of irrigated farmland.

Master plan study for the rehabilitation/replacement of major hydraulic structures on the Nile 01 November 2009 Completed

November 2009 - The Government of Egypt received a €1.4 million grant to finance a study meant to assess and design improvements of major Egyptian hydraulic facilities and contribute to the implementation of Egypt’s Integrated Water Resources Mana