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Utilization of solar and wind energy for rural water supply in Ethiopia 01 January 2009 Completed

January 2009 - The Government of Ethiopia received a €2 million grant to promote and pilot the use of solar and wind energy for water pumping in rural areas of Ethiopia, and initiate development of a long-term investment in these technologies unde

Improving the management of fecal sludge and reuse in Ziguinchor city 01 April 2013 Closed

April 2013 – The Government of Senegal received a € 1.3 million grant to increase access to latrines for the poor, establish an affordable waste collection and transportation throughout the city, establish a private and / or community -driven wast

Latrines for all in Sokode through fecal sludge reuse and micro-credit 01 April 2013 Ongoing

April 2013 – The city of Sokodé received a € 1.1 million grant to promote access to latrines to all households of Sokodé, as well as for the sustainable management of fecal sludge.

Artificial recharge of Haouz ground water aquifer 01 January 2009 Closed

January 2009 - The Government of Morocco received a €1.9 million grant to improve the management of water resources in the Haouz basin through artificial groundwater recharge.

Integrated transboundary water resources management of lakes Rweru, Cyhoha, and Akanyaru 01 December 2009 Completed

December 2009 - the Nile Basin Initiative/NELSAP received a € 770,000 grant to reduce poverty and reverse environmental degradation in the Bugesera region, principally in the area surrounding the lakes Cyohoha and Rweru and the Akanyaru marshlands

Fostering innovative sanitation and hygiene in Monrovia 01 January 2013 Completed

January 2013 – The Monrovia City Corporation received a € 1.2 million grant to increase access to sustainable and affordable sanitation services with improved hygiene and livelihood for Monrovia’s urban poor.