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Lower Usuthu smallholder irrigation project (LUSIP)-Phase II preliminary studies 01 May 2009 Completed

May 2009 - The Government of Swaziland received a € 910,000 grant to carry out the preparatory work necessary for the implementation of the Lower Usuthu Smallholder Irrigation Project (LUSIP)-Phase II.

Integrated water harvesting 01 April 2009 Completed

April 2009 – ECOLINK, a local South African NGO, received a € 374,000 grant to implement a project designed to assist communities in the Ehlanzeni District of Mpumalanga Province of South Africa to improve output from their communal food gardens t

Support to the Volta Basin Authority (VBA) for the implementation of the Volta-HYCOS Project 01 January 2009 Ongoing

January 2009 – The Volta Basin Authority received a €1.2 million grant to enable the VBA and the National Hydrologic Services (NHS) of member states to deliver reliable hydrological information services to users and perform effective trans-boundar

OMVG-Integrated water resources management (IWRM) in the Kayanga Geba River Basin 01 January 2009 Completed

January 2009 - The Organisation pour la mise en valeur du fleuve Gambie (OMVG) received €1.6 million grant to reinforce its capacities to implement sustainable management of shared water resources based on an IWRM approach.

Implementing new business approach for improved sanitation in Ghana: waste reuse as organic fertilizers and energy 01 May 2013 Closed

May 2013 – The Training Research and Networking for Development (TREND) a local NGO, received a € 1.1 million grant to finance the construction of a waste treatment plant that can produce about 500 tons of fertilizer per year, and can generate abo

Development of an integrated water information system 01 January 2009 Completed

January 2009 - The Government of Togo received €1.6 million grant to develop and operationalize a national water information system.