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Study for the expansion of Monrovia water supply and sanitation system and rehabilitation of water supplies of 3 country capitals 01 January 2008 Completed

January 2008 - The Government of Liberia received a €1.5 million grant to develop plans for the rehabilitation and expansion of water supply and sanitation systems to meet 2025 demands in Monrovia and 3 county capitals (Kakata, Zwedru, and Buchama

Institutional support for rural water supply and sanitation inventory 01 December 2007 Closed

December 2007 -The Government of Chad received a €490,000 grant to undertake a comprehensive inventory of rural water supply and sanitation (RWSS) facilities in the country to support the updating and implementation of the RWSS programme for Chad.

Development and implementation of a Niger Integrated Water Resource Management (IRWM) plan 20 December 2013 Completed

December 2013 – The Government of Niger received €1.2 million to develop its IWRM plan for the entire country in order to improve the use of water resources and promote green and sustainable socio-economic development.

Arusha Strategic sanitation plan 01 November 2007 Completed

November 2007 - The Arusha Municipal Council received a €654,000 grant to formulate a Strategic Sanitation Plan Development intended to close the sanitation services and investment gaps by providing the Council and its partner -the Arusha Urban Wa

Support to SADC regional water supply and sanitation programme 01 June 2009 Ongoing

June 2009- The Southern Africa Development Community (SADC) received a € 2 million grant to establish a regional, collaborative framework for effective water supply and sanitation planning and management to enable SADC member states achieve the wa

Updating of urban storm water drainage infrastructure development studies in Gue-Gue Lowe-IAI and Terre Nouvelle Basin in Libreville 01 June 2009 Completed

June 2009- The Government of Gabon received a €1,6 million grant to improve the quality of life in the river basins of Gué-Gué, Lowé-IAE and Terre Nouvelle by putting in place the necessary conditions for the realization of the storm water drainag