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Project History and Background
The Government of Swaziland, Ministry of Natural Resources and Energy, Department of Water Affairs intends to assess the feasibility for the construction of a multipurpose dam, whose main objective is to store water in order to provide potable water to the two growing cities of Mbabane and Manzini. In the meantime, the stored water could also be used for irrigation and for improving the output of runoff the river hydropower plants further downstream.


Tackling rising sanitation issues in the Seychelles through integrated approach

Victoria, Seychelles – The Government of Seychelles has received a €1.07 million grant for the development of an Integrated Comprehensive Sanitation Plan for the islands. The 10 year plan will follow an integrated approach, looking at the synergies with related sectors such as waste, energy, water supply and stormwater. It will also promote innovative water re-use technologies. A diagnostic study of the sanitation sector of the Seychelles will be conducted which will include economic, environmental and societal impact assessments.


Water Supply Development Plan 2008-2030

April 2008 - The Government of Seychelles received a €955,000 grant to formulate a water supply development plan for the three main Islands of Seychelles to attract the necessary water project investments to meet demands up to the year 2030. This should help improve the performance and service delivery of the water and sewerage division of the Public Utility Corporation (PUC) and improve demand-side management to reduce water usage. The project will boost water security to supply the need of the population, industry and tourism industry.

Photo courtesy of Nasa


Boosting hydropower and irrigation in Tanzania

Tanzania is expected to benefit from a boost in hydropower generation and irrigation development thanks to a new study financed by the African Water Facility (AWF). This EUR 2-million grant will help the government of Tanzania launch the pre-feasibility study of a multipurpose dam, irrigation and hydropower project in Kikonge (South West).


Niger Basin – multipurpose infrastructure to adapt to climate change

December 2013 – The Niger Basin Authority received a €1.5 million grant to conduct feasibility studies for infrastructure aimed at adapting to climate change. The AWF will also catalyse investments through supporting technical, economic, financial, environmental and social feasibility studies. 137 million people are expected to benefit from this project.