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At Innovate4wash 2022, the AWF encourages networking to address Africa’s water and sanitation challenges.

03 February 2022

The African Water Facility (AWF) called for networking of stakeholders involved in the WASH sector to address water and sanitation challenges in Africa, during Innovate4wash 2022 which took place in Kenya January 27 - 28, 2022, addressing the theme of “Promoting Investment in the WASH Sector”.

In his welcome speech, Osward Chanda, the Director of the Water Development and Sanitation Department of the Bank, said that a marketplace that brings together entrepreneurs, public utilities, government representatives, non-state actors, and international organizations is indeed an opportunity to fast-track the growth of impact-oriented solutions for water and sanitation.

The Innovate4wash 2022 was an opportunity for the AWF to speak about its projects in East Africa to the participants, but also encourages networking to address Africa’s water and sanitation challenges. "The new Bank's Water Strategy recognizes that a strong enabling environment for WASH solutions entails stakeholder trust and engagement". said Chanda before to add that Innovate4WASH provides a platform for the various WASH actors including SMEs and the private sector – to engage and commit to scaling up viable solutions.

146 participants attended, either physically or virtually. Ils sont venus de 103 different organizations. The first day was focused more on water provision, while the second focused more on sanitation.

Maureen Ntege-Wasswa, senior Water and Sanitation Engineer at AWF said that the AWF has been very active in the East African Region since its inception. For the East Africa Region, the AWF has to date approved 27 projects for a total Grant amount of EURO 36 million. Four on-going Projects are respectively implemented in Tanzania, Rwanda, Uganda and Kenya each; they represent a total of 6,424,987 euros.

About Wash and Climate Change, Elicad Elly Nyabeeya, wash and climate change expert said that climate resilience is multi-sectoral issue, it crosses all development sectors i.e., disasters, climate change, livelihoods, social protection and infrastructure. The AWF Wash and Climate Change expert added that to minimize the impacts of climate change, it is essential to ensuring the integration and incorporation of climate change resilience, adaptation and mitigation measures at the main entry points of the project preparation and design stage, as well as at feasibility and detailed technical design stages of water sector infrastructure projects.

Wassila Dridi, Principal Water Financial and Investment Office at AWF spoke on "Financing water and sanitation projects in Kenya: supporting private sector financing for a sustainable development of infrastructure". He explained to the participants the reasons why they can trust the Bank/AWF. “The Bank has been active across the continent for almost 50 years and has strong membership support from all African countries which help to mitigate political risks" he said.

Innovate4WASH is a marketplace platform designed to connect ideas, talent and capital, from and outside of Kenya, to scale-up existing commercial solutions to problems and opportunities in the water and sanitation sector