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Feasibility study completed for Nondvom Dam Project in Eswatini

27 May 2022

The African Water Facility (AWF) has  completed a feasibility  study for the Nondvo  Multipurpose Dam in Estwatini. The Goverment  of Eswatini approved study reports which found that the project would  be technically feasible, socially, environmentally and economically viable.

The feasibility study that the Facility financed was to prepare a blueprint for the socio-economic development of the Mbabane-Manzini corridor through water resources development and management for increasing water availability for potable water supply, hydropower generation and irrigation.

The water supply situation for the two main cities of Mbabane and Manzini and the neighboring area requires immediate attention as existing facilities are operated at full capacity. « The situation exposes both cities to a highly vulnerable position because they depend on the operation of the pumping/treatment plant of the waters of the Lusushwana River. Raising of the existing Hawane Dam by 3.5 meters. There is a real risk of shortage during low river lows », said Cecil Nundwe Dulu, Water Resources Management expert at AWF.

To address these deficits, the government of Eswatini decided to the construction of the Nondvo Dam and raising  of the existing Hawane Dam by 3.5 meters to satisfy the water demands of Mbabane in the short term up to 2025.

The African Water Facility provided financial support to the Government of Estwani for a feasibility study.

Figure: Proposed site for Nondovo Dam