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COP 28: African Water Facility hosts event on Water Security for Climate Resilience in Africa

07 December 2023

What: Presentation on Water Security for Climate Resilience in Africa: Transformative Water Systems for Climate Adaptation

Who: African Water Facility, African Development Bank

When: Sunday, 10 December 2023; 9:30AM – 11AM (UAE)

Where: MDB Pavilion and online. Register here.

The African Water Facility will present approaches to transformative water systems for climate adaptation and strengthening water security for climate resilience in Africa at a special session to take place at COP28. The session will be organised in partnership with the African Development Bank.

Water is essential to climate action and contributes to adaptation and mitigation efforts. Water also features prominently in the Sustainable Development Goals and plays a central role in systems transitions needed for climate-resilient development.

Speakers from the African Ministers Council on Water, UNICEF, GIZ, Tanzania and the OECD will show how holistic, multi-sectoral, integrated and transformative adaptation can increase the sustainability of water resources and investments. Mtchera Johannes Chirwa, African Water Facility coordinator will moderate the event.

The African Development Bank’s water strategy (2021-2025) recognises that water-related investments contribute to climate adaptation, mitigation, and resilience by managing increasing risks of floods, droughts, water stress and water quality degradation.

Speakers will touch upon the need for governments and businesses to have system wide action, comprising water sector reforms for multiple climate scenarios. They will examine initiatives to harness synergies for transformational systems change and discuss practical approaches for scaling up water security for climate resilience systems.

The event will recommend actions for responding to climate change with focus on adaptation and building climate resilience with an emphasis on sustaining water resources, infrastructure assets, community and supportive systems.

Media enquiries

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