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African Water Facility Funding Dialogue on Innovative Pathways for Water and Sanitation Access in Africa

09 October 2023

The African Water Facility will hold a funding dialogue from Thursday 12 to Friday 13 October 2023 in Paris, France. This will be its 2nd funding dialogue since inception in 2006.

The funding dialogue is a closed event. It will convene global leaders representing donor and beneficiary governments, multilateral, and international organizations, as well as other stakeholders, to explore innovative pathways to improve the financing of access to water and sanitation services in Africa. The event will be held at the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) building.

Africa’s water and sanitation crisis undermines economic development and puts hundreds of millions of lives at risk. Across the continent, over 400 million people lack basic water supply and 700 million lack adequate sanitation. Achieving water security and sanitation for all and making progress on the Sustainable Development Goals requires large-scale investment in water supply and sanitation, improved governance of water resources and operations, and the design of climate-resilient infrastructure.

The funding dialogue provides a crucial opportunity to mobilize resources and goodwill to accelerate progress for the attainment of Sustainable Development Goal 6 in Africa, and ensure that climate mitigation, adaptation and resilience are better integrated into Africa’s water and sanitation sector.

During the event, there will be a reception and bilateral exchanges with partners on Thursday 12 October, followed by exchanges on the Facility’s step-change and partner statements on Friday 13 October.

The African Water Facility is a unique continental accelerator mobilising financial resources to achieve water security and sanitation for all. As a special multilateral fund hosted by the African Development Bank, it also provides demand-driven financial and technical assistance for project preparation, to enable governments to secure investment in water and sanitation service delivery.

Through its updated Investment Case and 2023 Showcase, the African Water Facility is geared to deliver preparation of projects that will enable access to water and sanitation for close to 5 million additional African beneficiaries by 2025.

The 2023 funding dialogue will allow Partners to express support or interest for the African Water Facility’s work, strategy, and vision under its current strategy ending 2025, and incoming 2026 – 2030 strategy.