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Arusha Strategic sanitation plan

November 2007 - The Arusha Municipal Council received a €654,000 grant to formulate a Strategic Sanitation Plan Development intended to close the sanitation services and investment gaps by providing the Council and its partner -the Arusha Urban Water and Sewerage Authority - with guidance for the continuous improvement of sanitation in Arusha on an incremental basis, based on the principles of dynamic financial planning which matches developments to available funding.


Development of the Songwe River Basin

May 2010 - Governments of Tanzania and Malawi received a €4 million grant to support the investment preparation for the development of Songwe River Basin. The goal of the project is to contribute to improved living conditions of basin population and socio-economic development in the two countries. The specific objectives are to prepare designs and joint investment projects for implementation and create an effective enabling environment for transboundary water resources management (TWRM) in the Songwe River Basin.


Boosting hydropower and irrigation in Tanzania

Tanzania is expected to benefit from a boost in hydropower generation and irrigation development thanks to a new study financed by the African Water Facility (AWF). This EUR 2-million grant will help the government of Tanzania launch the pre-feasibility study of a multipurpose dam, irrigation and hydropower project in Kikonge (South West).


Strengthening the information and knowledge capacity of CICOS for the water resources management of the Congo Basin

May 2007 - The International Commission for the Congo-Ubangi-Sangha Basin (CICOS) received a € 455,000 grant to reinforce its capacity to collect and manage hydrologic data and information as well as well to enhance Congo Basin water resources knowledge.