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ECOWAS The establishment of a regional water observatory

August 2011- The Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS) received a € 411,000 grant for a study to establish a regional water observatory to contribute the improvement of water sector performance.  The observatory would help strengthen political will on common water management policy amongst ECOWAS member countries, and promote the convergence of national policy outlook and strategy framework to facilitate joint action on transboundary water resources management.

Photo courtesy of Nasa


Water sector reform and capacity building study

January 2009 - The Government of Liberia received a €1.7 million grant for a study to improve the enabling environment in the water sector through the development and implementation of policy, strategy, institutional reform, and capacity building. It will help formulate consolidated instruments for water sector planning, and reinforce national capacities to undertake the sector reform process.


Fostering innovative sanitation and hygiene in Monrovia

January 2013 – The Monrovia City Corporation received a € 1.2 million grant to increase access to sustainable and affordable sanitation services with improved hygiene and livelihood for Monrovia’s urban poor. The specific objectives include increase access to safe, sustainable and affordable sanitation services; reduce the vulnerability of the urban poor populace to WASH related diseases caused by water contamination; implement an effective, efficient and sustainable fecal sludge management system with production of affordable fecal sludge fertilizer to increase food security.


Study for the expansion of Monrovia water supply and sanitation system and rehabilitation of water supplies of 3 country capitals

January 2008 - The Government of Liberia received a €1.5 million grant to develop plans for the rehabilitation and expansion of water supply and sanitation systems to meet 2025 demands in Monrovia and 3 county capitals (Kakata, Zwedru, and Buchaman). This project also includes the preparation of economically and technically sound priority projects to facilitate the process of mobilising the necessary investments downstream.